• Mutiny In The Ranks (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Jasmine St James

Candle has been extorting money from her work colleague Jasmine for month to keep quiet about an indiscretion on Jasmine's part. Unwilling to take it any more, Jasmine arrives at Candle's home to inform her that she will not be paying her any more money and that she can go to hell. As Jasmine turns to leave, Candle hits her over the head, and when she recovers Jasmine finds herself attached to a chair with zip ties and duct tape. Candle explains that if Jasmine won't give her any more money then she will have to get it by other means. Candle gags Jasmine and goes to call someone whom she believes will pay her well for the girl. Later, Candle returns and partially frees Jasmine in order to march her outside where they will soon meet a buyer who has plans for Jasmine. In desperation, Jasmine rams into Candle and knocks her over. While Candle lies dazed Jasmine has just a few seconds to cut through the zip tie holding her wrists then hit Candle over the head> She succeeds, and when Candle recovers she finds herself naked and attached to a pole by a collar around her neck. Zip ties bind her wrists and ankles, preventing her from undoing the collar. Jasmine now relishes wrapping duct tape around Candle's naked body, pinning her to the pole from head to foot. Finally, she gags Candle with duct tape, explain that when the buyer arrives, she will tell him that her name is Candle and take the money he pays for the girl he will believe is called Jasmine.

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Mutiny In The Ranks (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Jasmine St James

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