• Four in One: Volume 34 (MP4) - Candle Boxxx, Lea Hart, Vonka Romanov, Shauna Ryanne and Hannah Perez

1. Candle Boxxx: Price of Repair
Candle has had her car repaired by low-cost repair shop because she has been unemployed and is broke. When she goes to pay with a credit card, the mechanic says he does not accept them and will take cash only. When Candle says she has no cash on her, the mechanic tells her she will have to come back when she can pay him, and in the meantime the car stays here. Candle explains that she must have the car in order to get to her new job, which is the only way she can pay her bills. Candle offers various forms of security but the mechanic is just not interested. When she pleads with him to compromise, he finally agrees to let her take the car and pay him later on the condition that she takes off all her clothes in front of him. Candle thinks she has misheard him and laughs nervously, but clearly he is serious. She refuses and decides to call for a cab, except she can't get cell reception in this out-of-the-way place. She is stuck! Finally, aware that she has no other choice, Candle capitulates to the mechanic's terms.

2. Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov: Which Of You Is The Thief?
Lea and Vonka work in the same office and both get along well, at least until the boss insists that one of them is smuggling confidential information out of the company and marketing it for herself. Each girl protests her innocence so the boss tells both of them to take off their clothes so that he can check them over, and get several guys from accounting to come in and search their clothing. Now the girls start to turn on one another, each pretending that they are being humiliated because of the others misconduct. When lea refuses to take off her dress, Vonka, already partially naked, removes it for her. At the boss's repeated insistence, each girl is made to removes her bra and panties and then stand there naked until their clothes have been searched. Vonka asks if she can wait anywhere that Lea is not, but the boss makes them stay together. In protest, the girls turn their backs on one another.

3. Shauna Ryanne: Official Complaint
Shauna goes to visit a neighbor who has filed a formal complaint with the police about the noise pollution from her property. He has prosecuted her for this twice before and this time she knows she will lose her business license, unless she can persuade the curmudgeonly old bugger to withdraw the complaint. She tries to reason with him but he is not interested, until she says she will do anything if he will drop the issue. When he asks her to strip in front of him, she is mortified and refuses. When the guy asks her to leave, Shauna realizes she has no choice but to do as he asks if she wants to stay in business. She removes her dress, hoping he might be satisfied with that, but he also wants her to take off her stockings, bra and panties before he will comply.

4. Hannah Perez: Embezzler
Hannah arrives home to find a colleague from work in her house. She demands to know what the hell he is doing there and orders him to leave. He says he is not going anywhere until they have a little talk about how she is embezzling funds at work. When Hannah still insists that he leave, he mentions that he will clear the matter up with the boss in the morning. Hannah quickly changes her tactics and asks if they can come to some kind of arrangement. Her colleague tells her that he would like to see her naked and that she should take off all her clothes in front of him. This is something Hannah is not prepared to do and tells him to leave. Her colleague mentions talking to the boss about her activities again, and the r girl is fmade to relent. She removes her jacket and stalls until she is encouraged to hurry things up. With her top and skirt gone, Hannah is invited to sit on a chair to remove her stockings and garter belt. When the removal of her bra is clearly next on the agenda, she tries shaming her colleague by saying, "So what is it? You just want to see a pair of tits?" His response is not what she had hoped for: "I've seen plenty of tits, but I want to see your tits. Hannah is compelled to remove both bra and panties, only to find that her ordeal is not yet over.

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Four in One: Volume 34 (MP4) - Candle Boxxx, Lea Hart, Vonka Romanov, Shauna Ryanne and Hannah Perez

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