• The Realtor Collection (MP4) - Hannah Perez, Kendra James, Autumn Bodell, Claire Irons & Violet

One after another, various realty companies try to sell a property that has been on the market for some time. No one knows why it is not selling. After each company dispatches one of its female realtors to attempt to make a sale, all unknowingly dealing with the same man, they discover the problem. In each case, the man promises to buy the property if the lady realtor will strip for him, then he renages on the deal. He certainly seems to have worked out how to make hunting for a house an interesting experience.

Collection sold as five separate movies. The teaser samples each of them. Total time: 64 minutes.

1. Hannah Perez: She Needs A Sale
Hannah is a new insurance representative who has been on a training course to help her sell insurance, but she is finding the implementation of that training very difficult. In her first month she had just enough sales to stay hired, but her second month has been a disaster; it is the thirtieth day of the month and she has not made one single sale. She is hungry and desperate, and when her final householder of the day starts to turn her away because he is not interested in what she is selling, Hannah comes clean with him about her situation and begs him to reconsider. At first, it doesn't look as if she will succeed, but the the man has an idea - he tells her that he will buy a policy from her if she is prepared to undress in front of him and then carry out the policy sale while naked. Hannah looks mortified. Her first instinct is to refuse, but then she hesitates - the prospect of making just one sale and keeping her job is a lure just strong enough to make her agree to his terms. Looking very uncomfortable, Hannah starts to strip off her clothes, hoping that the man is sincere in his offer and that she is not humiliating herself like this for nothing.

2. Kendra James: Desperate To Make A Sale
Kendra has been having a hard time selling properties lately and her commission has been correspondingly small. The situation is getting serious and she desperately needs to make a sale to boost her income. Few clients have followed through recently, but today she has one who does seem genuinely interested in the property she is showing. As they conclude the showing, however, the client seems disinclined to pursue it and says he plans to look at other properties with different realtors. As he starts to leave, Kendra calls him back and asks what she can do to make the deal sweeter. When he suggests she remove all of her clothes and allow him to see her naked, in order to make a sale, Kendra balks at the idea. She is ready to refuse outright, but then remembers how badly she needs to close this deal. Very reluctantly, she removes her jacket and starts to unbutton her blouse, her expression conveying that she would rather be anywhere else but here right now.

3. Autumn Bodell: How To Sell Real Estate
Autumn is a new real estate agent hungry to make her first sale. She is showing a client around a house where the owner has gone out to give her a chance to show the property without inhibition. The client seems fairly interested and starts questioning Autumn about how recently she joined the firm of realtors, and asks her how badly she would like to make a sale. He tells her that she would stand an excellent chance of making a sale to him if she were to conduct him around the property without wearing any clothes. Autumn laughs, assuming that he is joking, but when he stresses that he is serious, Autumn's desire for commission overwhelms her better judgment and she does indeed peel off her clothes in front of this guy. She continues to tour of the house naked, and clearly a little nervous now. The client is just about ready to go back to the office and sign the paperwork when a car pulls up outside - the owner has come back early. Worse still, he is with someone. Autumn dashes for the bathroom, telling the client to go and fetch her clothes for her just as the owner enters the house.

4. Claire Irons: Closing Costs
Realtor Claire has been having a tough time selling houses for the past few months, but today she has a client who seems quite enthusiastic about buying the house she has just shown him. She thinks he is all ready to sign the paperwork and get things started when he springs a surprise on her - he will only buy the house if Claire is willing to undress and allow her to see her without her clothes. At first, Claire stares at him, not certainly that she heard him correctly. When he repeats his demand, she refuses. When her potential buyer starts to walk away, she calls him back and with tremendous reluctance, she removes her jacket. It's cold and she immediately begins to shiver. The man watches her as she pulls her skirt down over her hips and steps out of it, and he makes her keep going until she is wearing only her bra and panties. At this point, Claire does not feel she can go any further and tries to wriggle out of the arrangement, but the man insists that she finish the job and stand before him completely naked. Not only that, he wants her to stay naked while he completes the initial paperwork for the sale. Were times not so hard, Claire would never accede to such a request, but if she wants to meet her own mortgage payments next month, she really does not have any choice.

5. Violet: The Newbie

As a beginner in the real estate business, Violet is anxious to please her clients and also quite naive about how to conduct herself.She desperately wants to make her first sale, but the prospective buyer does not seem all that interested. She asks if there is anything she can do to sweeten the deal, such as trying to bring the price down. The client has other ideas, however. He informs Violet that he might be interested in buying if she is prepared to do something for him, to undress and allow him to see her naked. Violet is affronted and indignant, refusing to play along. As the client starts to walk away, however, she thinks about the commission she would make if the sale went through, and changes her mind.


The Realtor Collection (MP4) - Hannah Perez, Kendra James, Autumn Bodell, Claire Irons & Violet

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