• Stop Her Interfering (MP4) - Jennifer

Jennifer serves on the member of the board of a company that the original founder wishes to sell to a competitor. The board is hung which blocks the sale, so the founder decides to adopt a drastic decision to prevent this happening in the final meeting where the vote will set the sale in motion. The most vociferous objector in Jennifer, and without her it is likely that things will run a lot more smoothly. On the big day, the founder goes to Jennifer's home and catches her just as she is about to go into the office. He makes her drive to a quiet location where he makes her get out of the car and into the woods. He has brought along a pair of scissors and some handcuffs. He first cuts off Jennifer's business suit then makes her remove her bra and panties. She is next instructed to stand against a tree and wrap her arms around the trunk. He handcuffs her wrists then leaves her there, naked and humiliated, taking her car to conceal it somewhere. Jennifer is trapped. She is far from anywhere and calling out won't help; indeed, it may attract large mammalian wildlife such as bears, so she remains quiet. She struggles against the handcuffs even though she knows it is futile. All she can do is stand there staring at the tattered remains of her clothes on the woodland floor in front of her.

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Stop Her Interfering (MP4) - Jennifer

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