• The Best Laid Plans (MP4) - Cali Logan, Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux

The girls are all dressed up and ready for an evening out. They plan to take in a show and then meet up with some friends for dinner afterwards. They have been planning this for weeks, but as always Hannah is holding everyone up with her OCD house cleaning. Finally ready, the girls are on their way out the door when an intruder bursts in and spoils all their plans. Terrified, the girls look at this armed man with horror. The anxiety increases when he declares that they look cute in their little dresses, but he doesn't like their shoes. He orders them to take them off. The girls comply, warily watching this crazy man as he circles around them making inappropriate remarks. It's not long before he decides that he doesn't like the dresses after all and orders the girls to remove these too. While he is distracted, Cali grabs her cell phone and tries to send a text message to summon help, but the intruder spots what she is doing before she can send the message and takes the phone from her. "For that," he says, "you can go first!" He forces Cali to remove her dress, then makes Cadence and Hannah follow suit. Soon they are wearing nothing but hose and panties, and the intruder decides that now the hose must go. He doesn't wait long before he demands that they remove their panties too. Hannah tries to reason with him, suggesting that if they do this he will leave them alone, but he says, "Let's take it one step at a time." The panties have to come off.

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The Best Laid Plans (MP4) - Cali Logan, Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux

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