• The Inquisitive Realtor (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

Sinthia is a real estate agent who is looking over an empty property to get a first impression of what may need doing to it to make it saleable, when she encounters a man who should not be there. She challenges him and says she will have to involve the police to get him out. At this point, he clearly cannot allow her to leave until he has moved on to somewhere safer. He makes her enter the building and takes her through into its garage. Here, he makes her undress and lock her wrists in handcuffs which are hanging from a ring in the beam above her head. Once naked and secure, the man is able to depart and get far away before anyone finds Sinthia and she has the chance to report his presence there.

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The Inquisitive Realtor (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

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