• Fear Stripping: full version (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Laci Star

Cadence and Laci arrive home chatting happily about the party they've been to when they come face to face with a man in their living room. Much to their horror, he makes them both strip off and then commands Cadence to secure Laci's wrists in front of her with a zip tie. He does the same to Cadence before cleave gagging both girls and ordering them to march outside, stark naked. In the garden, he zip ties their wrists to the frame of a swing chair, then applies another zip tie to each girls legs. He whacks the bare butts with a zip tie before leaving them on their own. Unable to escape, the two girls struggle in futility, aware that their only means of rescue - for someone to visit and find them - will be accompanied by the humiliation of being found naked. As the wind picks up and the girls start to shiver with the cold, they huddle together for warmth.

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Fear Stripping: full version (MP4) - Cadence Lux and Laci Star

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