• Do You Have Gas? (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica's car has run out of gas and she has no choice but to walk to the nearest habitation in the hope that someone can assist her. When she finds an old man tending his yard, she is enormously relieved. When she asks him if he has gas, however, they talk at cross-purposes for a minute as the old man breaks wind, until he finally agrees to help her out. However, in exchange for free gas, he wants her to strip off her clothes while he watches. Jessica says no, but as the old man points out, the nearest town is town miles away, with few habitations in between. Realizing she can't walk that distance in her high-heel boots, Jessica has no choice but to comply with this dirty old man's wishes, hoping that he actually does have gas for her car and is not just stringing her along to see her naked.

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Do You Have Gas? (MP4) - Jessica

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