• Remedial Action (MP4) - Paisley Prince and Tilly McReese

Tilly is Paisley's boss and she feels the girl has been performing below par in her job recently and she must now take remedial action before Paisley's attitude spreads to other employees. She has a talk with Paisley and questions her about her conduct, but when Paisley has not tangible explanation, Tilly informs her that she must take remedial action by letting her go, and start to interview for her replacement immediately. Paisley pleads to keep her job, apologizing and asking if there is anything she can do to make things right. Tilly considers, then tells Paisley that she would be willing to overlook the girl's shortcomings if she will take off all her clothes. Paisley is mortified and refuses, and makes to leave. Before she reaches the door, however, she reconsiders her position because she desperately needs this job. Very reluctantly, she starts to take her clothes off in front of her boss who seems to be enjoying this way too much.

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Remedial Action (MP4) - Paisley Prince and Tilly McReese

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