• Restrained and Stripped Set (MP4) - 49 minutes

1. Laci Star: Forcibly Stripped
Laci has been taken prisoner and stands with her wrists cuffed above her head and her ankles secured with a zip tie. The man who took her enters the room and stands admiring her as she squirms in discomfort under his gaze. When he advances on her with a pair of scissors, she fears the worst. But he is not going to hurt her. He begins to cut the hem of her dress and then rips it apart as far up as the tear will go. He does the same to the other side of the dress, cutting a little and then ripping until Laci's dress is hanging on her in tatters. Finally, he snips through the strap holding the dress on her and it falls to the floor. Next, he frees her ankles, removes her shoes and then peels off her stockings before picking up the scissors again and starting work on her bra and panties. Laci objects and tries to pull away from him, but the handcuffs prevent her from going anywhere. When she is completely naked, the man promises to return soon to play with her, then leaves the room.

2. Kendra James: Humiliation
Kendra finds herself tied up and gagged. She is made to stand with her arms and legs apart and can move very little. When a man enters the room with a pair of scissors and begins snipping at the hem of her dress, she realizes what he is going to do. She tries to object through her gag but her words are muted, and besides, the man is not listening anyway. He cuts away her dress, leaving it in tatters. Then he turns his attention to her bra and panties. Kendra is just moments away from being fully exposed and there is not a thing she can do about it.

3. Jade Indica: Clothing Adjustment
Jade is being held prisoner by a man who doesn't want to see her wearing clothes, so with her restrained he begins cutting them off her, starting with her dress. He first shortens the dress into a mini and then cuts and rips it off completely. Along the way, Jade keeps objecting, so her captor decides to silence her with rather a lot of duct tape wrapped over her mouth and round the back of her neck. With the girl quietened down a little, he continues snipping away and tearing at her clothes, cutting off her bra, pantyhose and panties until Jade is wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and the remnants of her hose, looking for all the world like little black socks. Satisfied with his prisoner's new look, the man departs for a while, but naturally he promises to return later. jade, unable to escape, if forced to stand there in the nude.

4. Lana Luxor: Forced Clothes Removal
Lana has been grabbed as she left the office by a man she doesn't know. Here she is, forced to stand with her wrists locks in cuffs, wondering what he has in store for her. Whatever it is, it can't be good. She calls out for help but the place seems very quiet. She is pretty sure no one can her her cries, but that doesn't stop her trying. She can't slide her hands through the cuffs either; they're just a little too tight. Finally, her captor appears on the scene. She still shouts for help so he gags her with duct tape. When she kicks her, he secures her legs together with more tape. Now she can't move. She certainly can't stop him when he produces a pair of scissors and starts cutting the hem of her skirt. She watches in horror as he tears the skirt apart. Then the scissors are back. It's pretty clear now that he plans to cut away all of her clothes and leave her standing there naked.

5. Hannah Perez: Restrained and Stripped

Hannah has been taken captive and is being held in a cellar. She is standing with her wrists cuffed above her head and a duct tape gag covering her mouth. When her captor enters with a pair of scissors, Hannah looks on helplessly, guessing what is to come next. The man cuts away her sweater and then her skirt, leaving her in just her underwear. He does not stop there, however; he cuts the straps on her bra and removes it, cuts away her pantyhose and then snips the narrowest parts of her thong panties, leaving her wearing nothing but the tattered remains of her pantyhose and her shoes. She is not even allowed to keep these; the man removes her shoes and pulls off the fragments of pantyhose, leaving poor Hannah totally naked. Satisfied with his evil work, he leaves her to stand there with everything exposed.

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Restrained and Stripped Set (MP4) - 49 minutes

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