• Industrial Espionage (1080p and 4K) - Alba Zevon


Alba has been working as a coder for the same company for a number of years, and she feels she is not being paid what she is worth. On the quiet, she has been selling company secrets to a competitor, but she has been a little careless and the boss now suspects her of industrial espionage. Before she leaves work, he wants to find out one way or the other if Alba is in fact the leak, and asks her to take off her clothes to demonstrate that she does not have any date cards concealed about her person. Alba is indignant, stating that she has been working for this man a long time and that he should trust her, but he insists. Alba reluctantly agrees, but is increasingly reluctant to get fully naked towards the end of the process. Indeed, she clearly does not want to remove her bra. Beyond the obvious, what is that concealing that she doesn't want the boss to see?

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Industrial Espionage (1080p and 4K) - Alba Zevon

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