• The Psychic (2K/4K) - Cadence Lux


After a series of bank robberies where the thief's modus operandi is to take a bank employee hostage to ensure his escape, abandoning them in a remote forested area after making them strip naked, a psychic steps forward to help the police catch this man, claiming that only she has the power to bring him to justice. She is given the location where the robber’s most recent victim was found, and she drives out there to meet up with a detective Miller who will accompany her, for safety reasons. Cadence meets up with the detective and they chat amicably as he establishes that no one knows exactly where she is, and all seems well until Cadence tries to sense the area. That’s when she realizes that the man standing next to her is not a detective at all. The real Detective Miller has been waylaid, his place taken by the very man she came out here to help identify and track down. The psychic realizes that she has placed herself in a very awkward situation, and wonders why she did not see this coming…

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The Psychic (2K/4K) - Cadence Lux

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