• Caught Red-Handed (2K/4K) - Cadence Lux


Cadence has entered the basement of a house with the intention of stealing some stuff, confident that no one is at home. Alas, her assumption turns out to be wrong, and the owner catches her red-handed. His first instinct is to call the police, but Cadence clearly does not want him to do that. When pressed, she admits that she already has a criminal record, intimating that she would go down for it this time. The man is more concerned about what she might already have taken before he discovered her, and insists that she remove all of her clothes for inspection to ensure that she has not concealing anything. Faced with the prospect of being arrested or getting naked in front of this stranger, she chooses the latter option.

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Caught Red-Handed (2K/4K) - Cadence Lux

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