• Naked In The Woods (2K/4K) - Alba Zevon


Alba is a bank teller who has been taken as a hostage by a bank robber, using her to ensure that his getaway is clean and without interference from the authorities. Now safely deep in the woods and in a remote parking area on the edge of the forest, the robber makes Alba get out of the vehicle and walks her into the woods. There, she is made to undress before she is tied to a tree and gagged with duct tape. Left alone, Alba struggles against the ropes holding her. The rope on her wrists is not tight enough and she manages to slip free. She runs back towards the parking area, hoping someone else will show up and rescue her.

13 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 672.5 MB

Naked In The Woods (2K/4K) - Alba Zevon

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