• Looking For The Loot (2K/4K) - Mura Suru


Five years before, Mura robbed a bank but was caught soon afterwards. Despite her speedy capture, the money she stole was never recovered. Now, five years later and just released from prison, Mura goes back to where she stashed the money. She is pacing the area looking for familiar landmarks when a man interrupts her. At first, he just thinks she is trespassing, but then he recognizes her. He guesses that she hid the money on his land, and now he wants a share. He decides to embarrass the girl by compelling her to strip, otherwise he will call the police and report her trespassing, along with what he believes she is there to find. Faced with little choice, Mura begins to remove her clothes.

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Looking For The Loot (2K/4K) - Mura Suru

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