• Deception (2K/4K) - Ramona Vixen


As so often seems to happen out in the middle of nowhere, Ramona's car has broken down and her phone is not getting a signal, so she is stranded. She has no choice but to walk until she comes across a house and finds its occupant out in the yard. She asks if he could give her a ride to the local town, but he claims not to have a car. She then asks to use his phone to call for assistance, but he doesn't want to let her use it unless she strips for him. Indignant at this treatment, Ramona starts to walk away, but then hesitates. She might have to walk for hours, and in these high heels... She turns back and reluctantly agrees to the man's terms, making him promise to help her if she does this. He agrees (well, of course he does) and watches her undress until she is completely naked. Only then does he admit that he also doesn't have a phone!

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Deception (2K/4K) - Ramona Vixen

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