• In Need Of Assistance (2K/4K) - Mura Suru


Mura finds herself in a situation so familiar to many who travel through the backwoods where civilization has yet to reach. As if some mysterious power is at work, he car breaks down and her phone is not working. She is lost and stranded. All she can do is start walking and look for someone who either has a phone, or can take a look at her car and perhaps fix it. She comes across a remote house and sees a man outside in his garden. She approaches him and explains her situation. He seems friendly enough and agrees to help her, but only on the condition that she removes her clothes and allows him to see her naked. Mura objects to this idea and starts to back off, but then she hesitates. How far will she have to walk before coming across another house? It might be hours, and her heels are very high. Realizing that she has little choice, she returns to the man and starts to remove her clothes.

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In Need Of Assistance (2K/4K) - Mura Suru

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