• She Dinged His Car (2K/4K) - Ramona Vixen


Having just struck a man's car with her own, Ramona goes to apologize, only to have him ask her for her insurance details. Ramona is evasive about this at first, but when pressed, finally admits that she does not currently have insurance. The man is inevitably annoyed, but when she tries to negotiate an alternative course of action with him, he realizes that she is in a very difficult position. She makes it clear that she does not want the police involved in this incident, so he promises he will not call them in exchange for him stripping off her clothes in front of him. Ramona tries to resist this idea, hoping to deflect him to some other means to resolve the issue, but he insists that this is the only way forward.

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She Dinged His Car (2K/4K) - Ramona Vixen

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