• Curiosity Shop Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux


Welcome to The Curiosity Shop. You join us on a day when a robbery is about to take place, the entire event captured by the shop's security cameras. Hannah, the shop manager, is talking to a customer, Cadence, about the items on sale, when a man in suit enters and says hello pleasantly enough, telling Hannah that he is just browsing. In a matter of seconds, however, he holds up the two women and demands the contents of the register. Hannah quickly obeys, not wishing that she or her customer should come to any harm. She expects the thief to just leave, but instead he asks them if they have any cellphones. When they both answer no, he orders them to remove all their clothes and hand them over to him, his intention being to make sure they don't run out of the shop after him and raise the alarm that way. The women are appalled at what they are being asked to do but they have no choice. Slowly, reluctantly, they take off their clothes and give them to the thief. When they are both naked, he departs. At first, the women are so shocked by the encounter that they don't know what to do. Hannah then decides that she had better shut up shop to prevent anyone else coming in and discovering them naked. She grabs a top hat from the display to cover herself as she goes to lock up.

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Curiosity Shop Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux

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