• Four in One: Volume 37 (MP4) - Vonka Romanov, Syenite, Becky LeSabre, Cadence Lux, Juliette March and Sarah Brooke


1. Vonka Romanov and Syenite: A Question Of Loyalty
Vonka and Syenite are part of an organization smuggling precious stones, and lately, certain consignments have been coming up light. The boss's right-hand man has suggested that it only happens when these particular girls are involved, so the boss pays an unexpected visit to their home, waiting for them to return. When they walk in, he confronts them about the problem of gems going missing. The girls both deny any involvement, but the boss didn't get where he is by trusting people. He orders the girls to take off their clothes and allow him to inspect them, just to see if they might have any of the missing gems taped to their skin in discrete places. Realizing what may happen to them if they don't comply, the girls start to undress.

2. Becky LeSabre: The Judge
Becky has been brought up on criminal charges and faces a long time in prison, unless the judge can be persuaded to go easy on her. She goes to him home to plead for leniency. The judge is alarmed that she was able to find out where he lives. When she literally begs him to give her light sentence, he suggests that a good start would be to undress in front of him, but given that she is still dressed in a way that suggests she is just going to continue in the same lifestyle that got her into trouble, he does not feel inclined to accommodate her. When Becky persists, he decides that maybe she can have a lighter sentence if she is willing to remove her clothes in front of him. Becky is a little taken-aback by this, but she knows this is likely to be the only chance she will get to win the judge over. She begins to undress, putting on a reluctant show for him, and even has to tolerate him getting very close to her once she is naked.

3. Cadence Lux and Juliette March: Don't Make Us Strip
Cadence and Juliette have just walked in the door after a fun day out, only to be confronted by an intruder. They both jump when they see him, terrified. Cadence offers him her jewelry in the hope that he will just leave, but he says he already has that. Clearly, he wants something more. The girls are mortified when he tells them he wants to see them naked, and orders them to take off their clothes. They both try to stall, desperately hoping for a way out of this humiliating situation, but as the man becomes impatient, it becomes clear that they really don't have any choice. Little by little, they remove their clothes, closely watched by the intruder who gets uncomfortably close to them. Finally, he is ready to leave, but he also wants to make sure they can't call the police as soon as he walks out of the door. He therefore makes them step out onto the back deck, elevated far off the ground, and locks them out there. Completely naked, the girls are both cold and embarrassed, realizing how awful it will be when someone finally rescues them. They are too far away from the road to summon help, so all they can do is huddle together for warmth and wait.

4. Sarah Brooke: The Professor
Sarah is a successful business woman whose step-sister is at law school training to become a lawyer. She has recently failed a paper which will greatly affect the annual performance, and Sarah believes it is because her professor has some personal grudge against her. She arrives at his home and demands a few minutes of his time. She lays out her beliefs that the professor deliberately failed the girl, but he insists that her performance was poor and the grade was just. Sarah points out that her step-sister will be thrown out of school if the grade is not improved, and she tries to persuade the professor to re-think his attitude and give a better grade for the paper. The professor is adamant that Sarah's step-sister doesn't deserve a revised grade, but he is willing to give her one if Sarah will strip off in front of him.

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Four in One: Volume 37 (MP4) - Vonka Romanov, Syenite, Becky LeSabre, Cadence Lux, Juliette March and Sarah Brooke

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