Tilly is a girl from southern Ireland and she has entered the U.K. for a visit. Unfortunately for her, some of her papers are not quite in order and she is detained in one of immigration's more remote areas. She sits in a room on a chair looking at the nice weather outside and wishing she could be out there. The official tells her that he may have to detain her while they check out her background, or, he says, perhaps she would like to employ the faster alternative. When Tilly asks what that entails, she is told by the official that if she lets him undress her, she will be free to leave. He moves around behind Tilly and slowly unbuttons her dress, then removes her bra while she attempts to cover herself. The official instructs her to finish removing her underwear, and once she is naked he keeps his promise and lets her go outside.

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Detained Remastered (2K/4K) - Tilly McReese

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