• Lady Of The Manor (full version) Remastered (2K/4K) - Hannah Perez


Hannah is the partner of a peered land owner and thinks highly of herself. She never speaks to the hired help, especially not the men who work the land. However, this all changes when one of them obtains some compromising photographs of her ladyship misbehaving. He summons her to his cottage, and soon a very indignant Hannah shows up demanding to know why she has been summoned in such an inappropriate manner. When the farm worker shows her the photos he has obtained, she is mortified but does her best to bluster her way out of the situation. The farm worker is having none of it and threatens to publish the pictures for all to see unless her ladyship is willing to take her clothes off in front of him. She refuses at first, but with those pictures poised to destroy her privileged lifestyle, she has no choice but to get naked in front of this man. To make the situation even worse, he decides he wants to tie her up once she is naked. Hannah tries to resist again, but she knows she really has no choice. She allows herself to be hogtied and gagged, and even has to endure a little bit of tickling, but there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. (The 4K version has been upscaled from 2K).

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Lady Of The Manor (full version) Remastered (2K/4K) - Hannah Perez

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