• Strip Search and Made To Strip Each Other (2K) - Cali Logan, Keri Spectrum and Tilly McReese


1. Strip Search (Cali Logan & Keri Spectrum)
It seems that Cali has been embezzling funds at the company where she works and the management have called in the police. Justice arrives in the form of Detective Keri Spectrum who takes Cali into the company stock room to interrogate her. Cali vehemently denies the charges and refuses to let the detective search her. When Keri orders her to remove her clothes to aid in the search, Cali immediately demands a lawyer. Heedless of the girl's demands, Keri treats her as a hostile suspect and undresses her despite all of Cali's protests. She searches the girl once she has her naked, even checking out her butt. Cali demands that she be allowed to put her clothes back on in case one of the other employees enters the room. Instead, Keri produces a pair of handcuffs and arrests the girl, marching her out to her car in front of anyone who might be around. She places Cali on the back seat and drives off to the police station with her with Cali still threatening to take action against her.

2. Made To Strip Each Other (Cali Logan & Tilly McReese)
Cali and Tilly are so busy discussing the plot of Tilly's latest novel that they don't hear someone creep into their house and steal up on them, not until it is too late. The startled girls at first think the man is there to rob them of their valuables, but it soon transpires that he values something other than money or gems - he wants their clothes. Specifically, he wants the clothes they are wearing. He makes the two girls step into the living room and orders them to undress one another. They are made to take it in turns as first Tilly removes Cali's short and then Cali removes her blouse. So it goes on and the girls bodies are slowly revealed. At one point, Cali reacts in horror as she sees a neighbor passing the window and looking in. She turns to cover herself while Tilly stands there aghast. After this little distraction, the girls are made to continue stripping each other until they are finally stark naked. Before he leaves, the man orders them to go back to the kitchen and sit down where he found them at the table, and to continue discussing the plot elements of Tilly's novel. The girls comply as the man gathers up their clothes and sneaks away.

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Strip Search and Made To Strip Each Other (2K) - Cali Logan, Keri Spectrum and Tilly McReese

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