• Too Curious Remastered (2K) - Maci Wilde


Maci is curious about a neighbor who moved in a few month earlier. There are some slightly odd things about him: no one ever sees him around, his vehicle still displays an out-of-state license plate, and he rarely receives any mail. Finding a few magazines in his mail box, Maci decides to deliver them and try to find out more about this mysterious stranger. She is so friendly when he finally answers the door, asking him where he is from and if he plans to stay. He tells her he is from Iowa, and Maci asks where particularly. He mentions a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town thinking this will end her line of questioning, but it just so happens that Maci has cousins living in the town in question. When she asks him a trick question and he fails, she thinks she is being clever, at least until the man reaches into a drawer and she finds herself staring into a muzzle. Thinking that the girl has been sent in by police to entrap, he forces her to take off all her clothes to make sure she is not wearing a wire. Maci tries to deflect him but he insists that she strip. Left with no choice, the girl reluctantly obeys. Once she is naked, he hoped the man would let her pick up her clothes and leave, and she is horrified when he says he can't let her go and produces a pair of handcuffs. He locks them on Maci's wrists and says he must go and hide her truck before someone sees it. He takes the house phone with him to prevent her calling for help. Maci is left alone in the house, naked and handcuffed, desperately searching for a second phone and something, anything to help her get out of the handcuffs. Moreover, she doesn't have much time to escape before the man will return, and then what will happen to her?

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Too Curious Remastered (2K) - Maci Wilde

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