• Four In One: Volume 38 (2K) - Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Nikki Brooks, Alina Long, Hannah Perez & Maci Wilde


1. Vonka Romanov & Cadence Lux: Security Breach
Vonka and Cadence work for the same company. The boss, Dave, believes that one or both of them have been stealing classified information and selling it to a competitor. Just as the girls are about to leave for the day, Dave intercepts them and asks the guilty party to confess. When neither girl will, Dave gets a member of his security team to undress the girls and search them for evidence of theft. Both girls are outraged by this treatment, but the security guard persists; he removes tops and skirts, pantyhose, bra and panties. Towards the end of the search, a flash drive falls onto the floor, and the girls are caught red handed. Dave orders his security guard to handcuff both girls and call the police. When left unattended for a minute, the girls, handcuffed and naked, step outside into the winter cold, anything to escape the consequences of their actions. Will they get away?

2. Nikki Brooks: Doctor Brooks' Dilemma
Nikki has been asked to meet the hospital administrator in the staff recreation room to face questions about an operation that went badly and a law suit that has been filed against the hospital. He tells Nikki that he needs to suspend her from duty while an investigation is conducted. Nikki begs not to be taken off her case load, especially with some of her patients who need follow up care. The administrator is mainly concerned with liability, but Nikki's pleas are so heartfelt, he decides he will accede to her request if she is willing to do something for him, right away. It's a request a professional woman like herself finds very hard to meet.

3. Alina Long: Unusual Theft
Alina is planning to go for a hike in the country and arrives at a small woodland parking area. Despite the rain, there are several other vehicles there so she is not alone in liking to walk in the rain. Before she can even turn off her car engine, a man leans in through the passenger window and says hello. He seems pleasant enough, asking her if she is planning to hike and commenting on the weather. Then, everything changes. Alina stares in disbelief at what he is holding in his hand, and she can't believe her ears when he orders her to undress. When she asks why, he tells her that he wants to see her naked. Her pleas that it is very cold do nothing to change his mind; quite the contrary, he tells her that he wants to see how firm the cold has made her nipples. Shivering, Alina starts to undress, hoping that the man will just go away when he has had an eye full of her naked body. To her alarm, he tells her to climb over onto the back seat and lie down. He explains that he originally intended to just steal her car, but now he has decided to steal her as well. He makes her lock her wrists in handcuffs then climbs into the driver's seat and starts the engine. We watch Alina lying helpless on the back seat, her breasts covered in goosebumps and her nipples as hard as iron as the man drives her along the highway to who knows where.

4. Hannah Perez & Maci Wilde: Paparazzo
Hannah is a well-known actress always being followed and photographed by paparazzi. When she arrives home to find one in her front yard taking photos of her, she grabs the woman's camera and goes into her house with it. The woman, Maci, follows her and demands her camera back. Hannah looks through the photos on the flash drive and sees that there are hundreds. She threatens to delete them all unless Maci strips off her clothes in front of her and allows Hannah to take photographs of her naked. That way, as Hannah points out, she will have photos of Maci that she would not want leaked. Maci, afraid that Hannah really will delete several weeks work from the card, follows instructions and takes off her clothes. She attempts to stop at bra and panties but Hannah wants her to go all the way. Hannah takes photos of the naked journalist and gets up to go and download them onto her computer. That's when she comes face to face with an armed man, Maci's editor. Maci looks relieved to see him and goes to pick up her clothes, but he tells her she can stay naked as punishment for letting Hannah take her camera. The editor then tells Hannah that Maci has been trying to get good photos of the actress for weeks, so now it is Hannah's turn to take off her clothes and he will acquire the necessary images to make a big splash on the front page of his newspaper. Hannah does her utmost to resist, aware that her career may be over, but ultimately, there is no arguing with an armed man, especially when Maci tells her, "You might as well do as you're told. He always gets his way."

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Four In One: Volume 38 (2K) - Vonka Romanov, Cadence Lux, Nikki Brooks, Alina Long, Hannah Perez & Maci Wilde

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