• The Honest Accountant (2K/4K) - Vonka Romanov


Vonka has recently hired a new accountant who is going to refile her tax returns because she thinks she has overpaid. While examining her records, the account finds some irregularities suggesting that Vonka made money that she did not declare for tax purposes. The accountant sats he cannot be party to this deception, and will report the issue to their IRS. Vonka is indignant, saying she hired him to save her money, not cost her more. She tells him he is fired, but that will not stop him reporting what he has found. Vonka pleads with him not to take the matter any further, and it turns out that he might consider letting it go if she will strip for him.

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The Honest Accountant (2K/4K) - Vonka Romanov

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